Weather : when to go to japan ?

An Asian country off the coast of China and Korea, Japan is a calm and modern country. It attracts millions of tourists every year and in 2015 it was even the 16th most visited destination for tourists. You can plan your trip to Japan throughout the year, but to enjoy the best climate, you should choose the season that suits you best.

The climate of Japan

Three quarters of the Japanese territory are covered by mountainous areas. This explains the diversity of the climate of this country, where the climate on the Sea side of Japan is not the same as that on the Pacific side. Seasons are very marked in Japan, allowing visitors to discover several facets of the country when they go there for the second or third time in different seasons.

  • The right time to go to the Japanese island of Honshu

The right time to go to Japan depends mainly on your choice of destination. If you are planning a trip to the main island of Honshu, you can choose the spring season. The weather is milder during this period. The climate is milder and you will also enjoy a more pleasant temperature during the day while you go to visit the temples and other iconic places of the island. It is also during this period that the cherry trees are in bloom, the favorite time of the tourists who flock to the island to enjoy them. It should also be noted that this island is one of the most popular destinations in Japan. In the northeast of Honshu is Yamagata Prefecture. It is distinguished mainly by its snow monsters which give the impression of being in an unreal world. During the winter, it is a great place for skiing enthusiasts and it is also the ideal time to enjoy the landscapes formed by the snow or the art of yukumi.

  • Enjoy Hokkaido in winter or summer

Many people dream of spending a holiday in Hokkaido Island during winter. In the Yuki Matsuri circuit, the snow festival is held in February. The island also has hot springs of which Sounkyo and Nyuto Onse are among the best. It is a real relaxing place where the water is always warm even with the snow covering the rocks and the winter breeze. However, the summer season is still the best time to go to this island. If the heat and the humidity of the atmosphere are not very appreciated in other places of Japan, they are largely more pleasant in Hokkaido.

  • Tokyo: a destination not to be missed in Japan

Tokyo is the capital of Japan. The winter is mild with very little snow in the lowlands and the temperature is rarely negative. During springtime, the temperature in Tokyo can exceed 20°C. This is the time of cherry blossom, a magical moment not to be missed. During the summer, it is not very easy to bear the heat in the capital of Japan, but for those who are tempted by some summer stay in the city, the vending machines of cold drinks allow to cool down at any time. In winter, it is often called the city of light and it should be noted that the first snowfall is one of the most important moments for the Japanese.

The two best seasons to go to Japan

Everywhere in Japan, spring and autumn are the best seasons to spend pleasant moments. Why? Because in autumn, temperatures are more pleasant with less humidity. Also, the landscape is more pleasant with the trees turning to golden-brown. In spring, the last three weeks of April are the most pleasant because that is when the cherry trees bloom. You can even participate in hanami. It is a festival to enjoy the beauty of cherry blossoms. Picnic, discussion or singing under the cherry blossoms are often the activities that mark this tradition. You can visit the Japan page of if you need more information about it.

Is it possible to have a good time in Japan during the rainy season?

Indeed, anyone who does not like humidity will never find pleasure during this period. Like most of Asia, Japan is not spared from humidity during the monsoon. The monsoon season usually starts in early June and ends in July. Visitors are less numerous during this period, but if this is the time you have chosen to go to Japan, be aware that the northern part of the country is not subject to frequent showers and winds that are often interspersed with beautiful clearings. Also, if you don't mind the humidity, you can go to Japan during the rainy season. Moreover, it is an opportunity to have a cheap trip to this country.

The must-see sites in Japan

A trip to Japan cannot be improvised. Whether it is for a vacation, a weekend with your relatives, a business trip or other, you should always choose the right time according to your destination. Note that some places are not to be missed during your stay in the country.

This concerns mainly Asukusa: the Senso-Ji temple in Tokyo. A city that combines tradition and modernity at the same time, Tokyo and its old temples is the ideal place to appreciate the old customs of the country that have always been preserved despite the advance of new technologies. You should then make a detour to the Asakusa district which is one of the most traditional in the Japanese capital. Still in Tokyo, the Shibuya district seems to be quite different from Asakusa. The place is more electric and many people walk there especially at night.

Other sites that make the reputation of Japan are also the Ashi Lake and the Hakone Shrine. The latter is not very far from Tokyo and it is the best place to enjoy nature. It also offers a breathtaking view of Lake Ashi. To have a closer look at the famous Mount Fuji, the city of Kawaguchiko is the place not to be missed in any case. This city is located at the foot of Fuji-san and the Ryokan in Kawaguchiko have onsen that allow you to see it more closely.

A bit mysterious, but more seductive than any other place in Japan, Kyoto and the beautiful bamboo forest of Arashiyama are magical places where everything is breathtaking. Giant bamboos moving with the wind, an almost mystical atmosphere, the site is both soothing and pleasant. Still in Kyoto, the golden pavilion and the Kinkakuji temple are also part of the wonders of the city. Located only a few minutes away from Arashiyama, it is very often covered by gold leaves.

In fact, Japan is a country where everything makes you want to visit. If you don't want to be disturbed by the rain or the heat, or the cold and the snow, you can organize a trip during autumn or spring.

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