The Evolution Of Japanese School Uniforms
Japanese students didn't always wear uniforms. Originally, students just went to school in normal, formal clothes. These traditional and formal attires were especially considered prestigious because most of those who could afford to go to school were wealthy people. With time, however, things started to change. This was a result of the huge influence that western culture had on Japan and the rest of the world. 

What You Didn't Know About Japanese Uniforms 

The standard Japanese school uniform changed into the gakuran for boys and colorful hakama for the girls. Over time, the uniforms changed again, based on the trend, into military-style uniforms. The military-style uniforms were recognized as the first kind of standard Japanese uniform.

Eventually, a whole new style of uniforms inspired by those of Catholic schools was formed and became accepted generally. The accepted school uniforms, as practical and interesting as they are, had several levels of restrictions. Given that they allegedly help to instill certain values in the wearers, it limits the wearer's level of self-expression to its basic design.

From BTS to SHINee - The K-pop Trend

Some Japanese uniforms have been inspired by different genres, individuals, and groups, and one of such prominent inspirations is the Japanese K-pop groups. Their unique fashion statements have inspired the world, and are even being applied in styling school uniforms.What if you don't have to wear school uniforms? What if you can design your favorite school outfits based on your fashion sense? Based on the current K-pop trend, here are a few popular K-pop groups to back your uniform customization.

1. Check Out BTS

This K-pop boy group is known for being the best dressed amongst other K-pop groups. So, modeling your uniforms after their unique styles is a win that will make you stand out. This group is famous for blending colors effortlessly into awe-inspiring and wonderful patterns. Whether the color patterns are bold, colorful, bland, dull, the blend and combinations make the whole look perfect.From baggy shirts and sweaters, button-up shirts paired with bright ties, to colored lenses, you have an array of styles and patterns to choose from, while adhering to your school's dress code.

2. Take a Page From Blackpink

As an extremely fashionable group to promote woman-power, this girl group has its signature look and overall style. One Blackpink accessory that is implementable in your school outfit and style is the super adorable bear hairpin. It is famously used by Blackpink member Jennie in music videos and on her Instagram page.

Another Blackpink outfit you can pull off is the Girl Next Door skirt worn by Jisoo. This cute and sweet skirt is a good choice for pulling off the sweetheart look or ensemble.

3. Test F(X) Popular Designs

This group of K-pop stars has broken the mold with styles from almost every part of the fashion spectrum. With bold or crazy print tops paired with ripped jeans, skinny jeans, shorts, or even skirts, you are well on your way to looking like an F(x) star. Add on a jacket repping your school, and finish off the look with a skeleton hand or eye hair clip if you choose, and you are good to go. Of course, shoes are just as important, so you can put on a pair of sporty or running shoes that go with the ensemble, and roll with style.

4. Try Out Something with EXO

This group is known for its edgy and over-the-top sense of fashion. In the music video of their hit song, Mama, the group completely and elegantly pulled off a monochrome look, paired with a couple of shiny, metallic accessories. This style can easily be replicated into your school uniforms and you will not bank or outright defy the dress codes your school has laid down. With some baggy outfits and conventional streetwear, paired with a cool and affordable pair of shoes, and then topped off with the EXO-famous flat-billed hats, you are good to go.

5. Try Something New with SHINee

This particular group has a unique way of pulling off just about any otherwise unimaginable outfit. From sequins to tuxedos, these boys make an effort to dazzle their followers with their unique fashion sense, and you definitely can too. With a wardrobe choice of bold print shawls, ripped skinny jeans, and a graphic t-shirt, you would fit right in with this group. Add on the right kind of jewelry (assuming jewelry is allowed in your school), and your look is complete. 


Whether your school has a dress code or not, you can style your uniform or daily outfit according to the style of your favorite K-pop star. With just about anything and the right attitude, your dream of modeling your uniforms to look like those of your preferred K-pop stars will become real.

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