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So, first of all, Chonmage can also be written in 2 words like this: Chon Mage. In Japanese, it is written like this : ??

This bun is a hairstyle worn by today's Sumo practitioners. But its history is much longer than that!

Indeed, it is quite difficult to know where this special hairstyle comes from, but it seems that originally it was a hairstyle created by... the Mongols! And yes! As you probably know, the Mongolian people have been very active in terms of wars and invasions. Thus, they regularly invaded China (partially) and this hairstyle was thus "transmitted" during this distant period.

Then, in the same way, as the Japanese and the Chinese have been warring for a long time, we suppose that the Japanese have "recovered" this hairstyle in order to use it as a distinctive sign, especially among the samurais, until the end of the Edo era.

Indeed, towards the end of the 1800's, the wearing of the chonmage and the wearing of the sword, the very identity of the samurais, were forbidden because Japan had to enter a new era, with, notably, the creation of the Yen as the national currency.

The evolution of Chonmage

As this headdress was originally intended for warriors, it is assumed that its shape was designed to fit inside a helmet. Thus, the fighters were not bothered by their august mane...

Later, in Japan, the idea of attributing a meaning to the little ponytail that surmounts the bun was born. Especially among the Rikishi. What do you mean "what is that? "Rikishi are Sumo fighters (Sumo is the sport, Sumotori are the young practitioners, and Rikishi are the adults, to summarize). Thus, Sekitori (the highest rank in Sumo) have a more complicated ginkgo leaf hairstyle called oicho-mage.

Today, there are only 2 types of people in Japan who can wear the mythical Chonmage hairstyle: Sumo practitioners and Kabuki actors, the typical Japanese theater.

For all the others, you can only occasionally show yourself in Japan with this kind of thing on your head... (not sure of your success with these ladies...)

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